Welcome to CCC Bristol parish


Welcome to CCC Bristol parish (Ori Oke Eledumare, Mountain Of God a place dedicated to the service of God, where men, women and children experience the manifestation of God and agape love.

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8 Witch Hazel Road Bristol, Avon BS13 0QE.

Bus: Hartcliffe, Lampton Avenue (S-bound)
Fellowship and Love
Come and be blessed and your life will never remain the same again. It is the Holy Mountain of God filled with God's presence, where tears are wiped away, joy fulfilled and daily increase in Life. We follow the holy Bible and we preach the gospel of truth.
Our Church is always open and you do not need appointment to visit us. Come and celebrate the Lord with Us. Come and see that The Lord is always good!!!!!!
Respect & Compassion

Our Services

The Celestial Church of Christ is a Spirit moving church specially descended with inspiration from the Holy Spirit. In our church, the Pentecostal experience is a daily occurrence and individuals come under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Our prophets and prophetesses give spiritual messages to the church and act as a medium of communication between man and God. Furthermore, we have dreamers and visioners within the church who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to receive ministration on behalf of the church.


As Christians, we were called by God to be fishers of men. Our vibrant evangelism ministry fulfills their calling not just by preaching during Church services but also spreading the word of God in their daily lives.


The Church publishes a bi-monthly evangelism magazine titled ‘Bristol Herald’. This magazine has served as a blessing to many and continues to multiply testimonies in the lives of members and non-members all over the world.


The Shepherd-in-Charge, Assistant Superior Evangelist Feyi Atere, is the Head of Evangelism Ministry under the direction of God.


The choir ministry comprises of spirit filled individuals who are zealous to spread the word of God through songs. At Bristol Parish, we believe in the promise of God that Praise brings about break-through; therefore, we offer praise to God ceaselessly. In particular, we worship using songs from the Celestial Church of Christ Hymn book which contains songs inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Within the choir are gifted men and women who can play all types of musical instruments including drums, piano, guitar, tambourine, trumpets, saxophone, etc.


Through our choir ministration, men, women and even children have fallen and continue to fall under the control of the Holy Spirit, bondages are broken and prayers are answered.


In our Church we undertake lots of charitable work. We are
great supporters of many charitable organizations and Christian Ministries.  They include: Step out in Faith, Smile Train
UK, Age Uk, The Salvation Army, RNIB, Premier Christian Radio, Open Doors,
United Christian Broadcasters Ltd (UCB), Cerebra, Grace Evangelistic
Ministries, Europe and many others.   

The ushers / warden are ordained by God to ensure orderliness of the church and check that the tenets are followed during worship. These are individuals that have been anointed within the Celestial Church of Christ who stand at the entrance of the church and intervene with prayers.


Our wardens ensure discipline and are responsible for checking that new members are duly welcomed.

walfare ministry

The dedicated Welfare Ministry in Bristol Parish work tirelessly in ensuring that members are supported not only spiritually but also socially. 


These include:


Home Visits,

Hospital Visits

Prison/Detention Visits


The Welfare Ministry also ensures that there are lots of refreshments after our Sunday Services and during special occasions.


In our church, we fellowship in love and the communal spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ dwells in our midst. Why not join us in fellowship and enjoy the special love of God.

youth ministry

Our energetic youths are dedicated to worshipping God and are zealous for the work of God. We have our Juvenile Harvest once a year (1st Sunday in June in the Celestial Church of Christ).  On this glorious day, our youths are responsible for leading the entire service from start to finish. Our Lord Jesus said that we should suffer not the young children to come unto Him.


Our Youth Ministry are also part of the Evangelism Ministry as they are regular contributors to the the Church Newsletter (Bristol Herald).


CCC Bristol Parish is an environment where young children can thrive in a safe environment and grow in the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Our men and women ministry consists of individuals from various fields of life who empower one another to serve God.  Everybody has a role to play in the church from the youngest to the oldest person. We continue to uplift one another through the Word of God and agape love descended from above. Fellowship with us at this Mountain of the Almighty God in order to partake in this special blessing descended from above.  Jesus Christ is our Head.


Brief History about Bristol Parish (UK)

Welcome to CCC Bristol Parish. CCC is a bible believing church descended from heaven above onto the earth in 1947 through the anointed man of God, Oschoffa. CCC was descended specifically to deliver all members and visitors from the shackle of the enemy. Celestial Church of Christ Bristol Parish is a branch of CCC Worldwide. We are a bible believing church descended in Bristol Central thorough our father in Christ Evangelist Feyi Atere, an anointed man of God who was called to serve in the vineyard of God. Our language at Bristol parish is love and we enjoy fellowship with one another in the love of God. Our church was founded in 2003 by Evangelist Feyi Atere a renowned auditor who called to leave circular world and carry the cross of Jesus Christ. The message came in several voices, the most interesting one was when he went to London for Sunday glorious service as he normally does every week. He was told by a prophet to light a candle in the mercy land when he gets home and he told the prophet that there was no CCC church in Bristol but the prophet laughed and started speaking in parables as our Lord Jesus Christ did to his disciplines in his numerous teaching. He told me I was supposed to be a shepherd leading the folks to salvation which he further explained in more detail. This is how Bristol parish came to existence and since then the Lord has always shown his numerous faithfulness in every way.

Our church was founded in 2003 by Evangelist Feyi Atere a renowned auditor who called to leave circular world and carry the cross of Jesus Christ.
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